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HAPPY IDAHO (International day Against Homophobia) TO US ALL!

Two weeks ago I received notification that the theme for IDAHO 2008 is

“Homosexuality Is Not A Sickness”.

vicki_mary_david_quentin.jpgIt just so happened that one of the songs The Standard Deviations has recently written, Time To Delight, spoke directly about this theme! The song also counters a number of other myths about queerness.

I had an impulse to record the song and make it available free by email and download in time for May 17th.

This meant organising the following things in the space of a few days:

-Revision of a few lyrics to further underline the IDAHO theme
-Finding a time when 4 highly diarised folk could all make it to the studio!
-Finding a studio with queer-friendly engineer capable of quick broadcast-quality recording
-Getting some dollars together
-Seeking help with photos, web technology etc
-Dealing with the producer’s reservations about recording in his as-yet-incompletely renovated (ie. still being drilled and painted!) recording studio

Well…thanks to many folk, it all happened in time, and we hope you enjoy the results!

Click here to listen and/or download the song for free (2.6MB mp3 128 )

or here (4 MB mp3 192)

Click here to read the lyrics and the credits

Click here to let us know what bits you like

You can also help spread the Idaho message in the following ways:

-Directing friends to http://www.acsa.org.au/idaho.html#2008 for all the details of the day
-Directing friends to www.thestandarddeviations.com to pick up their free song download
-Emailing this song direct to your friends once you have downloaded it
-Requesting your local radio station to play the song, no matter where you are in the world!

Letting us know the contact details of anyone else to whom you would like us to send press release, music and lyrics and we’ll do the rest

Big thanks and here’s hoping that IDAHO continues to promote action locally, nationally and internationally which will improve the lives of transsexual, intersex, bisexual, gay and lesbian folk and will increase the number of places in the world where we and our allies can truly celebrate diversity.

Vicki 11/5/08

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